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hunger games

At the beggining of the year i fell inlove with the book Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins I had no clue at the time there was a movie on the way. Sadly, I haven’t read the second book Catching Fire do to the fact I can’t find a copy anywhere but i did see the movie premiere night with my two best friends. One of my friends like me is tottaly obsessed with this book she dressed up to the premiere as Glimmer. My two friends and I had a lot of fun even before the movie started we left two hours early and got in right away. We then sat in the theatre ate delicious popcorn drank soda and watched the clock and constantly told each other how much longer even if we didn’t ask. When the movie started my friends and i leaned forward and cut everything out of our mind and watched our favorite book come to life right in front of us. For the first time in forever  my friends and i were silent not one peep came out of our mouths we were drawn in like a moth to the light. There were moments in the movie where me and my friends cried we cried as we read the book as well do to this authors brilliant mind and ability to put the scene in your head. Now this book has so much for everyone you can have an action book a kinda political book and a love story all in one. I love every part of this book. this book to me just shows a country rebel against the government and the government giving them a cruel punishment aka the hunger games. I wanna sum this whole post up with my favorite line in the book “Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor”