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My amazing cousin!!!




























It breaks my heart when I hear someone doesn’t like their cousin because my cousin is my best friend. When someone asks me to hang out and my cousin is free I say I can’t and text my cousin every time. My cousin and I talk about everything under the sun and never get bored. When we were younger we use to go to my grandmas house during the summer there my cousin my younger cousin and I would all hang out on my grandmas porch and play games we came up with like house where my oldest cousin was the dad ,even though she is a girl, and I was a rude doctor teenager and my littles cousin was a sick little boy. My cousins and I would play fairy god mother my youngest cousin was god mother, even though he was a boy, and my cousin and I were spies. We would play potions where we would take old spice bottles and hot water and fill them up and we would find leaves and bugs and all kinds of things and mix them together to see what happened, we were determined to find a cure to cancer sadly we didn’t.  Lastly, we would take our blankets down to our favorite patch of grass down the road and whenever cars drove by we hid. Now my cousin and I are much older but we never lost that bond there is no one in this world who can make me more happy than my cousin.  I hope this inspires you to always keep family close to your heart in good or bad times.

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I’m starting a quote of the day!!

I always have loved Audrey Hepburn and she has one of my favorite quotes. “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” I think those things are prettier than any make-up and obviously so did Audrey Hepburn.

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My scaredy dog

 My friends cat had kittens recently after anxiously waiting six weeks my mom and I picked it up when she was done with work yesterday. We went grabbed the cat and took it to my mom’s house it settled in nice and quick but we still were worried to introduce the kitten to the dogs. So we took the cat ,katniss everdeen, to my moms room. My mom held the cat while I got the smallest most cowardly dog  Jasper the pug. We took Jasper into the room right away he noticed something was in there. I took him on to the bed and Katniss started hissing immediately Jasper, being the wimp he is, ran right behind me and only peaked out every once in a while. Katniss lost interest and became queen of the room. So I let Jasper out he was so scared I felt bad. I went to the back and grabbed Teddy a ,105 pound, overweight, huge ,golden retriever and took him to my moms room he was excited until he jumps on the bed and Katniss hisses at him then he practically tramples me trying to get far far away. We sat in the room with Jasper, Teddy, and Katniss. Katniss played with her new toys and played with a feather I had found, but Teddy and Jasper watched from off the bed they would not make eye contact with Katniss if their lives depended on it. Teddy being the jealous dog he is courageously jumps on the bed to steel all the attention away from Katniss. Katniss didn’t seem to care there was a dog on the bed she got over it very quickly. Teddy was shaking with fear but we fed him treats and hoped he would be smart enough to not bug Katniss. Katniss started to play with teddy’s tail and teddy pretended he didn’t notice. Katniss started using Teddy as her personal jungle gym and then she cuddled up right next to him and went to bed teddy was still shaking with fear but he hid it well. Jasper spent the rest of the night scared and off the bed and Kantniss stayed queen of the room.






















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Hopes and dreams!


I have had a lot happen over the years of my life but one thing that always keeps me going is hope. I can’t even start to explain how important hope is to me. Hope is… Hope is going over memories in my head and wanting to make new ones with new people. Hope is getting to see my nephew big ,strong, and healthy. My cousin and I when we were very little use to pretend we lived in Sydney Australia at the time that was because we loved Finding Nemo but now it is more to me than just pretending at my grandma’s house, it is a hope that I would do anything to pursue. Now I really don’t see the difference of hopes and dreams except my dreams change every day and my hopes have always been the same. I had a dream when I was very little to have the most money in the world. When I got a little older my dream was that everyone in my family could live forever. Now my newest dream even though I am young is to go to San Fransisco University become a writer and write a book. I have always wanted to write a book but I always start, get to page 100 or so, then never find a conclusion and delete it I have made three books that end that way. Well I am going to wrap this up by saying that I hope that your dreams will come true.

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hunger games

At the beggining of the year i fell inlove with the book Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins I had no clue at the time there was a movie on the way. Sadly, I haven’t read the second book Catching Fire do to the fact I can’t find a copy anywhere but i did see the movie premiere night with my two best friends. One of my friends like me is tottaly obsessed with this book she dressed up to the premiere as Glimmer. My two friends and I had a lot of fun even before the movie started we left two hours early and got in right away. We then sat in the theatre ate delicious popcorn drank soda and watched the clock and constantly told each other how much longer even if we didn’t ask. When the movie started my friends and i leaned forward and cut everything out of our mind and watched our favorite book come to life right in front of us. For the first time in forever  my friends and i were silent not one peep came out of our mouths we were drawn in like a moth to the light. There were moments in the movie where me and my friends cried we cried as we read the book as well do to this authors brilliant mind and ability to put the scene in your head. Now this book has so much for everyone you can have an action book a kinda political book and a love story all in one. I love every part of this book. this book to me just shows a country rebel against the government and the government giving them a cruel punishment aka the hunger games. I wanna sum this whole post up with my favorite line in the book “Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor”